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Hammer Screwdriver Combination Tool

If there is something you really need to have for work about the house then this multifunctional tool will supply your necessity. Hammer Screwdriver Combination Tool includes 5 tools in one: a hammer, two big phillips head and two little flat-head screwdrivers. When not used they are easily folded into the handle. Thanks to this feature the length of the whole tool is 20 cm., which is the length of the hammer.

Hammer Screwdriver Combination Tool

One more advantage of the tool is the material it crafted from. The tool is made of tempered steel, while handles are made of brass. Made in USA.

Autoloader Screwdriver

Autoloader ScrewdriverAutoloader Screwdriver is the gadget that takes the hassle out of furniture assembly, home repairs or whatever else you might need a screwdriver for. There are 6 magnetized screwdriver bits hiding in its body – just pull back the handle, twist into right position and the required bit will come out, ready for work.