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WREXAdjustable pocket wrench dubbed WREX is a real must-have for every person dealing with screws and cogs at least occasionally. Measuring only 3.75” x 1.45” when folded and weighing only 2.9 oz, this titanium-and-steel multitool provides you with an easy-to-use trigger-lock adjustable wrench jaw, a titanium-coated blade and a double-ended screwdriver bit kept inside the body of the tool comfortably by a durable neoprene ring. The blade can easily be removed to meet TSA regulations.

SOL Origin 7-in-1 Survival Tool by Adventure Medical

This tiny box fitting into the palm of your hand (3.8” x 2.75” x 1.5”) and weighing as few as 6.25 oz. is a perfect survival kit – a true must-have for any hiker or adventure-seeker. Its rugged waterproof body made of ABS-plastic is virtually indestructible.

SOL Origin 7-in-1 Survival Tool by Adventure Medical

SOL Origin 7-in-1 Survival Tool contains TinderQuik firestarting tinder, 10 ft. of stainless steel wire and 10 feet of extremely durable braided nylon cord, plus a fishing and a sewing kit. Even more, it offers you a powerful flip-out signal mirror, an easy-to-use Fire Lite firestarter, a foldable knife with a 100db rescue whistle and a powerful LED light. Thus, it can be called something bigger than a 7-in-1 tool after all.