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Titan EDC Belt

Titan EDC Belt

Titan EDC Belt is a belt that saves you from the need to carry the ultimate survival tool with yourself all the time – it gives you the opportunity to actually wear it! Just snap this belt on when you are heading on a trip – and you will always have 100-140 feet of super-durable 7 strand 550 parachute cord with you.

In spite of being made of a cord so long, Titan EDC Belt is anything but heavy – which is also due to the fact that it comes together with a lightweight titanium buckle that is 40% lighter than the same sized buckle made of stainless steel. It’s much more durable though. Plus, it doesn’t set off standard TSA metal detection frames in the airports, which gives you the chance to keep your pants on where they are supposed to be even on airport checkpoints.

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Deadstock Swedish Army Belt

Deadstock Swedish Army BeltLooking for a way to add more vintage look to your style? Then the genuine Deadstock Swedish Army Belt is what you will most probably like! Available in two sizes – 110 cm. (43.3”) and 120 cm. (47.2”). The belt is made of genuine tan leather and has the width of around 1”.

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