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The Mountain Golden Face Mens T-shirt

The Mountain Golden Face Mens T-shirtThe Mountain Golden Face Mens T-shirt is a cool tee with the huge face of a smart and friendly golden retriever on the front side. Made of high-quality pre-shrunk cotton, this t-shirt is available in 4 sizes. The print is applied professionally and not just airbrushed onto the fabric.

Relief Tee

Relief TeeRelief Tee is a plain white t-shirt with the contour of Japan and the traditional depiction of the country’s symbol. The cracks in the red circle of the sun symbolize the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that have recently stricken the country. All profits from selling Relief tees go to Japanese charity funds and American Red Cross.

Save World Army Tee

Save World Army TeeA good t-shirt with a good intention behind it – this is what Save World Army Tee is. Made of 100% pre-shrunk red-colored cotton, this tee says “Save World Army” in Japanese Kanji – and sends all the money you have bought it for to The Salvation Army in earthquake and tsunami-stricken Japan.

CUW Denim-Style Short Pants

Want to look like one of them fashionable Japanese party guys? Then trendy tight CUW Denim-Style Short Pants are an absolute must-have for you. Made of soft cotton (95%) and polyurethane (5%), these short pants are a pleasure to wear as opposed to real tight denim. Available in two sizes – large (33.1-36.2″) and medium (29.9-33.1″).

CUW Denim-Style Short Pants