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Swann Sw351-Wma Wireless Mat Alarm

Swann Sw351-Wma Wireless Mat Alarm

Need to take the security system in your home up to a brand-new level? Swann Sw351-Wma Wireless Mat Alarm gives you the chance to. Simply slide the alarm mat under your doormat right in front of your door inside or outside – and you will always know when someone is entering/about to enter your place as the pressure on the mat will trigger a super-loud 120+ dB siren, the sound of which can be heard from over 100 feet away.

Swann Sw351-Wma Wireless Mat Alarm features 3 different chimes and is 100% waterproof (Ip45 rating). The device is wireless – it’s powered by a single tiny 12V battery. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to switch the mat off/on from far away as well as to choose the preferred mode without having to approach it.

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Burglar Blaster

Burglar BlasterBurglar Blaster is a security system using special infrared detection algorithm and a container with 5 ounces of irritating pepper spray that is released when there is an unauthorized access attempt spotted. The system can be used in controlling areas of up to 2,000 square feet. Easily installed and recharged without tools and electrical experience needed (powered by a set of “C” batteries working for up to 4 years). Can be painted in order to avoid arousing suspicion.